27-28 July

WAVE Music & Arts Festival

Welcome to the art and music festival Wave Festival, which is organized at Asperö in Gothenburg’s most beautiful archipelago. Here lies a lush folk park and slums in its lush summer shoots, and this is where we invite you to a solid sea festival in the two days last weekend of July.

We can confirm that the archipelago blessed us with the most beautiful backdrop we could dream of. The whole island is a favorite place where the people of Gothenburg are always loving summer games and relaxing baths at the cliffs. And in times when many public parks were laid down, perhaps in the absence of ideal forces and time, it feels extra important for us to invite you so that we all get a chance to enjoy this idyllic park and archipelago pearl, which we mean is one of the city’s most beautiful places.

We set up two scenes – One for live music / performance, and of course we install a stable sound system on the old dance course. To enable all this, as well as for as safe, inclusive and exciting festival environment as possible, we have invited a number of renowned contemporary artists, designers and craftsmen.